The Man Scarf

brown scarf

I’m back to work and getting used to leaving my heart at home everyday.  It’s hard.  I physically need to hear my little baby cry and feel the weight of her body pressed against my heart when I get home.  I don’t remember going through that as much when I went back to work after having my son.  Then again, I was able to spend one extra month at home with him than I had with my daughter.

I’m knitting and blogging less these days due to being much busier, but I wanted to show you the “man scarf” that I’ve been working on. It’s a nice squishy feeling alpaca yarn.  And the pattern is from the “6 simple scarves” pattern.  It’s a nice alternative to a simple rib, and gives an extra level of texture.  It’s also a perfect on-the-go project since the pattern is simple to memorize and it’s so small.  I was going to make it for my hubby, but he’s not that into the color.  So, we’ll see who this ends up going to.  Not having a clear recipient in mind makes the motivation a little less then normal… usually I’m knitting for someone in particular.

One thought on “The Man Scarf

  1. You are a tough cookie for going back to work so quickly. You make it look so easy. I'm so proud of you. I wish I was half as tough as you are. You rock! xoxo
    p.s. I kinda hate your scarf, it's perfect.


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