Vine Yoke Cardigan Stretched like Magic!!

vine yoke cardigan 003

I stayed up utnil 1:30am this morning weaving in the ends and blocking this sweater.  Before it was blocked it looked like it would fit an 8 year old, I was very nervous to see if it would really stretch enough for me to wear.  But it suprised me!  It did as promised and stretched.  It grew by 3.5″ in length and the sleeves grew by half an inch as well.  I’ll post measurements in Ravelry, but for now I have to do some party preperations for the hubby.  Happy Birthday Paul!!

Oh – I’m going to take this sweater to StitchesWest and see if I can pick up some nice buttons to complete the sweater 🙂

3 thoughts on “Vine Yoke Cardigan Stretched like Magic!!

  1. As Arline's personal assistant, I would like to know where I can order the original? Price is no object, as I know the artists mother!:) UH, yes, that would be MJ, my little sister once again 🙂 WTG Sharon Uncle Jim


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