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Bath Gift Sets

manly knit gift set 1

My sis-in-law sold her knits at a little arts and crafts fair last week!  I’m so proud of her!  She had an awesome booth filled with all kinds of hats, scarves, fingerless mits, snowflakes, pumpkins, hot pads, washclothes, etc.  She worked so hard on it, and her booth was amazing, check out her blog!  What went first??  The Malabrigo items, of course!

There was also a ton of hand crafted jewelry, woodwork, and the PERFECT handmade soaps to go with the knitted faceclothes that I had in mind for christmas presents this year!  They smell so good, they look amazing, so I couldn’t resist.  I got 8 soaps!!  I have to get some coordinating cotton yarn now.

Here’s a pic of the washcloth opened up.  I made up this pattern as I went along. 

manly knit gift set 3

Here’s the one I made for my mom last year…

Organic cotton face cloth

I have so much knitting to do though!  I want to finish the thunderstorm sweater… I’ll be lucky if I get one or two more waschlothes made before christmas.