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Ugly Tutle

Ugly Turtle 020

This is the ugly turtle which is apparently my son’s favorite stuffed animal, aptley named Turtly-Turtle.  I came across the finished pieces for this little guy as a seasoned garage sale’r was digging through my bin of acrylic yarn that I had bought 4 years ago before I knew any better.  I pulled out 4 legs, a body with a head already attached (no face yet), and a finished shell.  It dawned on me that I had started this turtle project while I was pregnant with my son about 4 years ago and had never finished it because I was super new to crochet (hadn’t even attempted to knit yet) and didn’t know how to attach the pieces!  (I picked up crochet and knitting to pass the time during that pregnancy which lead me to my current knitting addiction.)  I quickly sewed the pieces together and embroidered the face and, voila – the ugliest stuffed animal ever to exist 😉

I’m glad he loves it.  I’m not sure why he likes this one over the mommy-baby monster or the Elijah elephant, but hey – at least he doesn’t want to give this one away!  Maybe he senses the love that went into it when he was still in the womb…. or maybe he just likes turtles. 

On another note.  I am making some progress on the Sophie bunny, but have slowed down a bit because I was trying to do some tricky striping with the ears which I’m not really liking so much.  And I did a swatch for the owlet sweater and my gauge is off, so I’m swatching some more.  I’m tired and achey all the time now due to being 30 weeks pregnant, so I’m not in to doing much of anything these days.  Thank goodness for knit nights to keep me going!!

Oh – and Twist Collective Fall 2010 Edition is out already!  I LOVE that online magazine.  Great articles and beautiful patterns.  It is my all time favorite knitting media.