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The Circle of Life

Two of my most cherished projects are soon coming to an end and I’m finding myself thinking about what new projects I will fill my time with first.

Here’s an update: 

1. Vivian – still working on the hood.  I added a full 30 rows of the pattern to make the hood larger and need to finish the rest of the rows according to the pattern.  Somehow the last few rows always take the longest!  There’s a part of me that doesn’t want to finish since I’ve enjoyed it so much.  But, I am excited to finally wear it someday!  Speaking of finishing – I picked up some of the finishing details at the fabric store the other day.  Zipper, thread and ribbon to line the zipper pictured below:

Vivan Zipper

2. Playdate Hoodie – I got over my mental block that was keeping me from seeming the sleeves and sides.  And I found the perfect buttons.  I have to work on the hood now too…. it’s a race, who will finish first?  Playdate Hoodie or Vivian?  I’m taking bets.  It’s pretty snug on my son.  It maybe a perfect fit for my dear friend, Marisa‘s, baby though 🙂

playdate hoodie

playdate hoodie

Here are two of the newest projects that I started that will stretch my crafty skills a bit.

1.  Ghost costume!  I got some white flowy material to make Christopher (my nearly 3 year old) a ghost costume for halloween.  I have little to no experience sewing, so this should be interesting.  It’s basic shapes though, so it shouldn’t be too hard right?  I’m taking bets again… will I butcher this and have to go buy a costume last minute, or will it turn out ok?

Ghost costume

2.  Crochet Scarf – I came across this gorgeous scarf on moonstitches blog and just had to go out and get yarn to start it immediately.  My sister-in-law tracked down a version of the pattern made by someone else trying to recreate this scarf.  You can find it on Ravelry, just look up “rhubarb scarf“.  She started one too and hers is GORGEOUS!  I’m not 100% thrilled with the colors though.  I will probably put this project on hold until I find the perfect yarn.

crochet 006

Can’t wait until knit night tonight 🙂

Blocking Playdate Hoodie

Sorry for the horrendous photo… it’s late and there’s no pretty way to show off blocking. At least not with my kitchen table/thomas the train towel set up. Gosh it looks like the photo is even fish eyed a bit, but enough obsessing over the crappy photo. What is this? A photo blog? No. It’s about knitting, so here goes… this is my first attempt at blocking! So far so good, at least I hope. Tomorrow will tell (or when ever it is fully dry).

Here’s a good video on blocking. I finished the last side panel tonight, and went to do the sleeves and realized that I should block it before attempting to pick up stitches from each of the panels. I’m a little concerned about the shape because I don’t have a place to pin it down properly. I have a fan on it to help it dry out faster, but hopefully it doesn’t move a whole heck of a lot as it dries.

I’ll have to work on one of my several other projects in flight while this is drying. I have one zillion projects going in various states of completion. I’m beginning to wonder if I have ADHD or something. Seriously, is this normal? I eventually do finish my projects, but I would probably finish things a lot faster if I just focused on one or two at at time… oh well, I’ll add that to next years resolutions or something.

Playdate Hoodie


My camera is on the fritz, that’s mainly why I haven’t been posting any blogs lately. I used my flip video camera which I highly recommend to anyone with children!! The only problem is that it’s not so good close up. Anyhow, I got the playdate hoodie kit (from Lionbrand) in the mail a few days ago, so that’s pulled me off of the socks right now because I’m so eager to do my first garment in prep for my holy grail project!!

I’m starting on the back panel first. I was good and did a swatch to measure my gauge and I even washed and dried it as specified on the yarn so that I make sure it fits. The Knit Witch on YouTube has great instructions on creating swatches and measuring gauge. I figure I should practice patience as well 😉

My dark cable socks and blue lacey socks are coming along nicely. I’m very close to being able to do the toe on the blue socks, but those have been shelved for now since I’m so excited about creating this new little sweater.

What I really need to do is finish up the booties, crochet a flower for the matching hat, and find some really cute little buttons because my BFF’s sister had her baby a month early (good thing I made the hat so small)! My goal is to finish that by the end of this week and ship it off to her 🙂