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Finished Sophie!

Sophie with both ears done

Sophie Bunny’s ears are done.  I may do a few more embelishments with the brown yarn, but I don’t want to over do it.  I also want to add a puffy tail at some point.  I need to go out and get a pompom maker.  Here’s a link to the original pattern by Ysolda Teage.

The whole inspiration for the brown stripes came from this little matching mommy/baby nursing outfit that I got from Old Navy.  Having a girl is really bringing out the girly-ness in me 🙂 

finished sophie 012

I found this Sophie Bunny that another knitter did and it is gorgeous, check it out!  She sewed a really cute flowered pattern in the ears and a patch on the bum.  I was going to try to sew cloth in the ears too, but I didn’t have enough and the colors were a little off, but I love how it turned out in her Sophie Bunny. I may do a heart on the front similar to hers.

In other news I fisnished knitting the Owlet sweater by Kate Davies.  Can you see the owls in the yoke?

I have to block it and find the perfect buttons for eyes.  But here’s a preview before the final product is finished.  As I was binding off the neckline, I realized that I forgot to bind off in the ribbed pattern, oops, oh well it doesn’t bother me.  It was such a fun and quick knit.  I can’t wait to see how it blocks up and how the buttons finish it off.
I made it in fall colors for little Sophia.  It’s another neat pattern especially for her since owls are a symbol of wisdom and Sophia’s name means wisdom.  I hope she likes it and I hope she get big enough to wear it before the weather warms up!!

finished sophie 006