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Hand Spun!

greenhand spun 005

I am not doing much these days, but when I get a few minutes I’m actually grabbing the drop spindle!  It’s relaxing, no worrying about what row I’m on or about if it will fit it’s intended recipient.  It’s the perfect quick fiber fix that I need to keep my sanity in the daily grind.

This is fiber from Verb that my dear friend from the Quilt Otaku blog grabbed for me.  She is becoming a permanent fixture there on the weekends with her hand quilting classes, paper piecing, and machine quilting.  All of her work is AMAZING!  But  my favorite is definitely her hand quilting architecture blocks

Fiber details:
AVFKW Blue-Faced Leicester Top

I have two plies, 33 yards according to the knitty notty (sp?) and I still have half of the fiber to spin. 

Here’s a close up pic
greenhand spun 001

So pretty 🙂


Marisa's handspun

Did you know that I have the best friends in the whole wide world?  My dear friend from Quilt Otaku hand spun this for me for my birthday!!  I know, amazing right??  She is multi-talented, you have to check out her blog if you haven’t arleady.  I need an extra special project to show off this amazing yarn.

The fiber is from a Verb for Keeping Warm.
Content: 50% silk, 50% merino
Name: Hyacinth
Weight: 4 oz.
Length: 520 yards!!!

Now for some pattern shopping on ravlery 🙂