I’m a knitter, spinner, lover of all things fiber related. I pursue this love during the small spare moments between regular life as a wife, mother of 2, and full-time marketing professional. You’ll find me knitting up a row or two waiting in the pickup line for school, or spinning on a Turkish drop spindle during family holiday gatherings. There’s just something so delightful about spending those idle moments playing with colors and textures, rather than waiting glued to my cell phone with impatient energy.

I started knitting when I was pregnant with my first born and figured I would be knitting lots of kid items since they are small, hence the name knitsareforkids… a play on trix are for kids.  This hobby has turned out to be much more than knitting for my kids, but my daughter certainly has a long list in my queue for plushies that she really wants.

find me on ravelry at knitsareforkids

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