Sock Knitting: Vanilla is the New Black Review

Sock knitting: Vanilla is the new black
About the pattern:

Take the standard plain vanilla sock pattern, add a sexy stiletto-esque heel and voila, you have Vanilla is the New Black by Anneh Fletcher. It’s one of those brilliant patterns that seems so simple, yet so unique and different. It was the perfect pattern for me to take on vacation because it was mostly stockinette, with just the right amount of new design elements to keep my interest peaked. It knit up quickly and easily and fits great. I highly recommend it great for beginners and advanced knitters alike.

About the yarn:

I used this florescent speckled sock yarn from Hedgehog Fibers. This limited edition colorway is way out of my comfort zone, but since Hedgehog is all the rage right now, I had give it a try. Overall, I have to say, it was not my favorite sock yarn. It’s a little splitty for my sharp signature DPNs and they are wearing a bit quicker than my other hand knit socks. I think it would have been great for a shawl or something that doesn’t get worn as hard as socks do. I did end up falling in love with the colorway though, it was a delight to see where those little pops of color would land in the knitting.

hedgehog 002


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