Embroidered Owl Pin Cushion


Embroidery has been calling to me ever since I laid eyes on Bonnie Sonnet’s Instagram account, @bluepenisula. She does the most amazing embroidery I’ve ever seen. It turns out that she also has a blog where she shares her amazing embroidery stitch journal, in addition she sells beautiful knit patterns.

As  inspiring as her embroidery is, I was not about to go buy supplies and start yet another hobby. My spare moments are full enough as it is with knitting, spinning and now gardening. Or so I thought, apparently the universe heard my wishful thinking because I won the cutest little owl embroidery kit from Kiriki Press (@kirikipress on Instagram)! It was a perfect little project that came with all the supplies I needed to indulge my desire to dabble with embroidery. Their collection of embroidery kits are absolutely adorable and they come in different levels of difficulty depending on your skill set.

I quickly got started, made a million mistakes, learned a ton and really couldn’t put it down! It was such a fun project. I highly recommend this to anyone interested in picking up embroidery.

The cute modern owl design and the fun colors were so pleasing to work with. I decided to keep it for myself (despite my daughter’s assumption that this cute little plushie would be hers). For now it will keep me company on my desk while I work.


However, next time I have a needle and thread project, it will serve me well as a pin cushion. I do feel a little bad poking needles into it though!


These videos and PDFs were super helpful:

I definitely see more of these little cuties in my future!


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