Month: May 2013


What do you do if you are short on yardage to finish a project?

This is the Pleiades pattern by Beth Cling. It is basically a scarf in a crescent shape. She describes it as a shallow, curved shawlette.

The pattern is written really well. Each technique was described thoroughly, a beginner with a little experience could follow it easily.

My only problem was yardage. I knowingly used a smaller needle size because that’s all I had, but I didn’t anticipate how short I would be. I can either bind off now and completely miss the 2×2 rib section, or I can add another color which might look really cool, or could make it look horrible…. What would you do?

Updated 2015:

My husband said to me one day, why don’t you just buy more yarn?? I hadn’t even thought of that because hand dyed yarn can be so different if they are from different dye lots (I learned that the hard way). But I decided to give it a try.

To the trained eye it is obvious, but to the other 99% of the population it is virtually undetectable. So, nearly a year later it is finished and I can enjoy this cozy frilly knit. There are progress photos available in my project page in Ravelry.

I highly recommend this knit and yarn, oh my gosh, the yarn was particularly great! This was the first time for me using Miss Babs yarn. I absolutely love it. If you haven’t used it, you must give it a try. The aptly named, Yummy 3-ply sock yarn, is so squishy, and the subtle color changes made this semi solid interesting the whole time.

Can you see where the color changed?

hand knit pattern pleiades with miss babbs yarn
Pleiades in action!