Month: June 2012

It rhymes with mitten

We have a new addition to the family. Riddle me this… What is a bundle of energy, orange haired and loves fiber as much as I do? It’s not my son (he has orange hair too)…  it’s our new kitten! If you followed my blog you would know that deep down I’m a cat person. I lost my cat a few years back, but he was with me for about 15 years. I dedicated my Vivianto him.

So far this new kitten is wonderful. He has a super sweet personality. He’s playful, yet he won’t bite or scratch too hard. The kids adore him. He makes my daughter laugh uncontrollably, she is utterly delighted. She’s the main reason I decided to get a cat again. Every time she would see a picture of a cat she would kiss it. That and mokakissa’s blog.

I’ve been slowly but surely chugging away the socks for Paul. One is done and it fits me rather well. I may have to re-knit him a bigger pair and keep these for myself 😉