Technical Tip Tuesday: Weaving in Ends as you Knit


I found this amazing tutorial on how to weave in ends as you knit by Sockpr0n.  You can’t see the ends at all and it seems pretty straightforward.  So, that’s the technical tip for this tuesday.

It’s the perfect thing to use for this hat that I’m working on for my DH. Why is this the perfect project you ask?  It’s just a hat, one color, how many ends could it have?  A TON!  Let me explain… On a whim, as I was leaving the house with the yarn and needles in hand itching to be cast on while I did some waiting in line somewhere, I made the mistake of asking if DH had a preference for his hat.  Did he prefer a a ribbed beanie, or maybe a classic cabled hat?  I saw a flicker of excitement flash over his face and held his breath as if he wanted to say something, but he stopped himself and said he didn’t really have any preference.  I pressed him and he hesitantly asked if I could make him something with a brim.  Ok…. there goes my auto-pilot knitting. 

He later went ravelry pattern surfing with me and found quite a few hats with brims.  He picked the Dublin Cap by Cheryl Andrews.  There are TWO brims on this hat, the sides are worked in short rows and the back is worked up sperately, so already there are at least six ends to weave in plus any other tricky things construction that comes up.  The pattern says it is for the “adventurous knitter”, and I will have to agree… it is an adventure.  Such an interesting contstruction. Even though I’ve had to re-do several of the pieces more than once, it is such lovely Madaline Tosh DK yarn that I’m not broken hearted that I have to knit with it again and again.

Poor DH though, he’s asked about the hat several times and I seem to be knitting a lot, but getting nowhere fast.  It is likely going to be mid-summer before this black wool hat is finished!  All I can say, is that it had better fit!

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