Sewing is in my Future

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This persistent little voice in my head has been nagging me to adventure into the land of sewing. It all started with this box pouch tutorial that is adorable and looks doable. I’ve managed to ignore this sewing tickle for the most part, because I don’t even have enough time and money to get through all of the knitting and spinning that I want to do… but nevertheless this sewing urge is there like an itch in the back of my mind and I must scratch it! I caved in last week when Marisa from Quilt Otaku agreed to teach me how to quilt! I’m so excited!! I have a list of all of tools I need and have been window shopping online at superbuzzy.comfor some fun robot themed fabric. I even entered a giveaway last week from the luvinthemommyhood.comblog for a book called Making it Sew Modern and I WON! I was so surprised!! Now I HAVE to start sewing. Let’s see how long my tiny Hello Kitty sewing machine holds up šŸ™‚

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