Bliss for On-the-Go Knitting

Yarn pop bag

This bag by Yarn Pop is by far my best purchase at Stitches West this year.  I am constantly knitting on the go.  With two little ones it’s the only way I would finish anything.  I’m so excited for the chance to wait in the pharmacy line, or have an appointment with someone running late because I will have a chance to put a few more stitches on my project. 

There’s a downside for knitting on the go though, especially if your bag doesn’t cinch up or zipper like this one.  I am always missing a DPN, or stitch markers, or find that I have dropped stitches.  This bag solves all of those problems.  The yarn stays nicely tucked away and the project goes back in the bag, zip it all up with large plastic zipper teeth that won’t hurt or snag the yarn, and voila!  Perfectly safe and, not to mention, SUPER cute project back with no missing anythings!  I almost didn’t get this, but I am SO glad I did.  I was a little skeptical about the zipper teeth, and I did accidentally zip my yarn, but thankfully, when I unzipped, it came right out with no snags or damage to the yarn.

If you are an on-the-go knitter like me I highly recommend this bag.  It is pure on-the-go knitting bliss! (The yarn in the photo is my new purple Malabrigo Rios – LOVE it too!!  It is going to be a hat for my Sophie.)

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