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I am spinning again!  I can’t believe I only got about 33 yards of usable yarn from my first real spinning project.  The “second half” that I mentioned in that post went really poorly and I will probably have to scrap it. Hopefully I will get better this time around since I have officially decided that this is something that I want to get into.  I purchased 8 oz of fiber from Pigeonroof studios, in the Lydia colorway that I found at Purlescence.  The colors are outstanding, however I’m concerned that they will get muddy when I ply them together, which made think that perhaps I should do a 3 ply navajo ply rather than a 2 ply.  It might help the color changes not be verrigated so randomly.  Navajo ply uses one single ply and folds onto itself, like a crochet chain.  So you can imagine the colors changing along with the single ply color changes, as opposed to taking the two opposite ends of my single ply and twisting them together.  Does that make sense? 

Per my nature, I promptly searched youtube for navajo ply on a drop spindle and I found a ton of interesting videos, but had to share this one from Rosemary Knits showing how she does the navajo ply on the fly.  It was truly amazing.  She is so comfortable with her dop spindle.  She spins a little and then stops and plys what she just spun, then repeats. 
I also subscribed to the FiberBeat podcast from WonderMike.  I haven’t listened to any of them yet, but it comes highly recommended by QuiltOtaku and Rosemary Knits, so this is a must if I am to become a spinner.

The next thing I need to do is sign up for a class!!  I should really be working on my son’s birthday thunderstorm sweater!!  At this rate, it will have to be a christmas sweater!

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