Knits are for kids!

Chris sweater design

My son designed his first sweater (pictured above)!  He has recently taken a big interest in my knitting.  He wants me to knit everything for everyone.  It is the cutest thing ever.  He drew this sweater, and I’m going to do my best to bring it to life… with a few modifications.

The thunder cloud and rain is going to stay, but the green stripes are going to go.  It’s going to be made out of black malabrigo… so, super soft, but it’s not a superwash.  The cloud will be a bright turquoise, lined with silver blue with golden lightening and blue water drops. 

I’m sure I will come to regret this decision to do this in handwash only, but I tried my hardest to find the right colors in a superwash and I just couldn’t find it!  So, I’ll just HAVE to work with malabrigo twist and kick myself later when he wipes his nose on the sleeve 🙂

I am trying to finish it before his birthday… that gives me 18 days.  Will I make it?  Who’s taking bets??  I think the key is to take really long car rides on the weekends with my husband driving.  He’s turning 5, such a big boy. 

In other news, my daughter just turned 1 a few weeks ago!  I have been so behind in posting.  I made her a little green cashmere sweater with butterfly buttons.  Pictures and post to come! 

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