I finally found the perfect project for this handspun that I got for my birthday.  It’s published in Knitty, Fall 2009, issue 29 called: Kernel.  It’s a lace scarf with beads and some grafting.  I’ve always wanted to do a beading project.  I bought the supplies, just need to find some time to actually get started.  I also decided to get some straight needles for this project ince my size 4 addi’s are tied up in another project right now.

There are so many projects I want to do and so little time!  I couldn’t help but pick up a few balls of madeline tosh DK.  They are sooooo gorgeous.  I might use one to make the little sweater that French Press Knits just made.  She has a very popular blog and patterns and a baby about the same age as mine.  I’ll definitely be getting pattern ideas from her!  You have to check out her blog if you don’t know her.

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