Happy Birthday to Me!

birthday yarn

It’s my birthday month! That means I get to reach into the jar of poker chips at Green Planet Yarn and see what discount I get. I know I will at least get 20%, but the chance at getting 40, 80 or 100% is so exciting. I pulled a 20% this time, but I’ve pulled 40% twice before. Anyway, I decided to redo my Vivian because the knitpicks yarn I used is pilling like CRAZY. I’ve tried to trim it, but it is really bad. And it was such a fun knit – I just hope I can do it twice!

I bought Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Bulky, a 100% Superwash Merino Wool in the Cedar colorway. I’m not 100% confident of my color choice now. What do you think?  The yearn is beautiful, especially outside in natural light.  But in the house, the colors are reading a lot more yellow which is pushing it very camouflage army green.  I hope will like it, 9 skeins is no small investment and I had the shop wind all the balls!  No going back now… no starting tonight for me either 😦  I ran into a little snag after finally getting to sit down and play with my new yarn.  I can’t find the pattern!

This just happened to me two weeks ago.  I was back from stitches, so happy with my Tosh DK purchase.  I had Jared Flood’s Koolhaas hat in mind to make fo me.  (Out of all the hat’s I’ve made, I never made myself one.)  I go to the computer to print out a fresh new copy and can’t find it anywhere!  I’m so bummed.   I’ll just have to re-buy I guess.

Speaking of Jared have to check out Jared Flood’s blog right now, especially if you are interested in spinning and yarn production and photography (his photos are stunning).  He’s giving a “tour” if you will through the yarn production mill of his new line.  Fascinating and beautiful! The green yarn in part 3 of 5 is gorgeous.  I wish they had that in bulky weight at my LYS!!

(ps.  thanks for the yarn photo shoot Paul)

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. I met him at a LYS at a book signing and he is a very nice young man. Hope you have a great birthday month.
    Much luck with your new little cutie!


  2. I think that color is really beautiful… It brings out your hair and eye colors really nicely… Hey, if I have to break away from dark and boring colors, you have to try and break away from purples and happy colors! HEHE….
    Can't wait to see if finished, it will awesome!


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