Quietly Knitting

Organic cotton face cloth

I’ve had my hands full with the two kids, but still finding time to do some small projects… less time for blogging about them, sorry about that.  I have quite a few things I want to share, but only a tiny bit of time for taking photos and getting on the computer.  I’ll try to catch up with this little xmas project that I did for my mom.

I had a knitted washcloth that I loved and wanted to copy.  I thought I could reproduce it without a pattern no problem.  Wrong!  It ended up taking me a few days just to figure out something so simple!!  It turns out I had the wascloth upside down the whole time and that simple mistake turned into a day and a half of confusion.

I was trying to re-create this:
face cloth upside down

No problem right?  Just knit, yarn over, and k2tog, then garter.  And do the yarn over one stitch sooner each row… seems like it would work, but it turns out, you can’t do this!  If you want a right leaning line of yarn overs, you HAVE to do the k2tog first… as in this picture:

Face cloth right side up

After I figured this out it was a piece of cake.  Very fun to make and such a delightful gift to give.


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