Finished the Hap Blanket!

hap blanket 015

Having a yard sale this weekend was just what I needed to finish this project.  Weaving in the ends and getting it blocked was the perfect time filler for sitting and waiting while random strangers went through my junk 🙂  Now to package it up and send it home to the newly married couple.

This pattern had the most interesting bind off.  It was a purl 2 together, then put the resulting stitch back on the left needle to be worked in the next purl 2 togethter, and repeat.  It resulted in a very nice braided look.

And time to start on baby girl projects 🙂  I also did some swatching for baby sweaters in my time… I haven’t gotten the exact look that I’m going for yet.  I’ll just have to start on some patterned projects if I’m going to get anything done in time!

One thought on “Finished the Hap Blanket!

  1. How funny, we have a very similar taste!! I was just thinking about this blanket yesterday AND I casted on Sophie Bunny yesterday as well!! Just finished Elijah so I thought he needs a companion.
    Hope you are feeling well, when is you due date?


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