Koigu Painter’s Palette

I have obstained buying new yarn since our budget is tight these days, but I couldn’t help myself when I came across Koigu at 40% off!  I bought 2 of each color pictured above.  Now I have some projects in mind for these, but dreaming about what they could be and who they could be for is so much of the fun of knitting.  Colors and patterns swirl around in my head until the magic “aha” moment happens and I just know I have to create that thing for that person.  Right now, I’m thinking one more chevron scarf and maybe a few skeins towards this blanket inspired by stained glass windows that I want to make for my mom, but HELLO, a blanket made out of sock yarn is going to take me FOREVER.  I am still determined to do it though, piece by piece.

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