Sweater mojo is back!

knitting 028

Here’s my new sweater project.  It is coming along quickly after a few re-do’s and slowness in with the initial vine pattern.  I have a solid understanding of the pattern now and it is knitting up quickly!  The only problem now is that it looks so short.  I am considering ripping out and adding some length.  As it stands it will need to stretch by 4 inches to match the pattern.  No sense in making a super short sweater right?

How was your valentine’s day?  I follow this blog by Amigurple who had the most amazing gift from her boyfriend that she blogged about.  Check it out, so so so awesome.  She is a knitting maniac too, FO’s fly off her needles daily it seems.  And they are super cute too.  Oh and she made a really cool little cozy calculator for anything rectangle that you don’t want to do the math for 🙂

2 thoughts on “Sweater mojo is back!

  1. Thanks!!

    The FO's have been flying lately because I've mostly finished my degree-related courses, so knitting in class has been required to keep my motivation. It's also required to de-stress myself when I procrastinate too much on homework with knitting which I just had to keep working on once I got out of class….


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