Hemlock is Finished!

Hemlock blocking 2 for web

This knit scored high on the satisfaction scale.  It was easy, quick and looks increadibly more complicated than it actually was.  And it was a blast to see it transform from a blobby mess into the delicate fan and feather pattern you see above.  I need to take some more photos of what it looks like in the “wild”.  The picture above was taken during the actual blocking process.  It was pinned to my ottoman and, thanks to my ceiling fan, it dried in one night!  To my amazement it held it’s shape after taking the pins out 🙂

Here’s what it looked like before blocking
Hemlock preblock web

Here’s a close up of the little details on the edge
hemlock edge web

Next time I will add the extra length.  I just ran out of time on this one.  But, I think my mother-in-law likes it, so that’s all that matters.  It turned out much more like a doily than a lap blanket though.  I think that is how she intends to use it.  See my previous post for the yarn and pattern details.

Christmas was good to me.  I got a bunch of new yarn and a slew of new knitting books to drool over and inspire.  I’ll be posting more about those goodies soon!   

5 thoughts on “Hemlock is Finished!

  1. Just amazing! Everytime I see someone make a Hemlock Throw I feel the need to make one. You have inspired me to to put it on my Must make list for 2010.


  2. Holy cow dude, that is beautiful. Very very nice work my dear. Whatever will you knit next? I must know!!! Been missing you. So busy w/ all the visitors over the holiday. Looking forward to catching up this week.


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