Oh Christmas Knits, will you be finished in time?

xmas socks for MIL

This is my first Christmas that I would officially call myself a knitter.  Which means, of course, that I have some knitting projects for the special people out there who would appreciate hand-knit items (one such item elusively pictured above).  Unfortunately I have made a rookie mistake in my project planning.  The projects I chose were too complicated.  As a working mother of a 3-year-old son (as well as a wife and daughter), there are just not that many hours in the day where I have free time AND the energy to do something useful with it.  I started the above gift in October thinking I had plenty of time, but I fear the worst for this complicated Christmas knit. 

Notes to self for next year:
a) start in January on any complicated projects (ok, that’s a little extreme, but at least by summer)
b) work on projects that are in DK weights or higher (they go faster)
c) make sure I enjoy the pattern, or else, let’s face it, it will be a chore to get done!

Ok, heading home now after work.  Perhaps tonight I’ll get a little time and still be alert – we shall see.

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