Dyslexic Mitt



This weekend I got 90% done with one dainty fingerless mitt, designed by my favorite, Ysolda Teague. She named it Veyla. A beautifully romantic name to fit this delicate and romantic, fairytale of a glove. My mitt wasn’t exactly turning out like the one on the picture, but I continued along any, completely enamoured in the rapid pace of the project. It was a nice change of pace from the sweater I just completed (also designed by Ysolda). I was about to start on the thumb when I realized my mistake… I had been following the directions for the Left mitt when this had started out the RIGHT mitt! What does it matter, you might ask? they are fingerless, you can indeed where them on either hand, but the details tell all. The cuff buttons will be folded over the wrong way, the leaf detail on the knuckle is pull in the wrong direction, so it doesn’t much look like a leaf anymore. *sigh* I will likely rip out up to the cuff and start over. In the meantime, here are some pictures to give you a preview of this quick and gorgeous little knit.

Yarn Fiber: Alpaca and Silk from Blue Sky Alpacas
Needle size: 3, circular
Pluses: Gorgous color, steely, shiny gray and very soft
Minuses: Snags quite easily, I have to watch my wedding ring and any dry skin on my hands very closely

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