An Exercise in Futility

I worked from home today and took my lunch hour to work on my sweater. I found a mistake, well, two to be exact, and decided it would be a good idea to try to fix them today at home with no one around to distract me.

Here’s the mistake – the decreases are about 3 off.
Vivian Yoke Mistake

I dropped a few stitches all the way down to where the sleeve joins the body:
Tinked back to sleeve join

Messy, but I’m gonna give it a shot… here’s the first row, looks good so far!
Worked the first row

then I found this giant hole – not so good:
What's this giant hole?

If I just pull this loop, the whole thing tightens up and looks great, but there’s all this extra yarn…
If I just pull this tight, it looks ok

I decided to keep going in hopes that it would just work itself out.
Did a few more rows

It was looking great, but that extra yarn was bugging me, plus there were other areas that were getting way to tight… so I decided to drop a few other stitches on the sleeve and see if I could rework those to make them more even.
Tinked a few more sts

No luck, it looked worse than if I had left it. I decided to rip the whole yoke out and start over from the point of attaching the sleeves to the body. So, I basically wasted my whole lunch hour which was such a bummer.

But, just as I had decided that I had to pull everything out the doorbell rang. Surprise! It was a new knitting bag that Paul bought for me for our anniversary. It’s a Tom Bihn bag that he designed especially for knitters. He worked with folks from to find out what they needed. It’s super awesome.

So, I put everything neatly away and will start fresh another time with lessons learned. I also found out from the ravelry forums why I had made the mistakes I made. I was an error in the pattern. Now I know and I can do it right this time 🙂

Here’s the bag:
TomBihn Bag!

TomBihn Bag!

TomBihn Bag!

One thought on “An Exercise in Futility

  1. Oh no! I totally feel your pain – I've done this quite a few times myself. I do end up learning a lot though, especially the times I end up having to rip back and start over. (I know, not much of a consolation…). Your sweater looks beautiful, though and I LOVE the color! I promise your finished Vivian will be worth all the hassles in the end!!


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