Started the Vivian sleeves

front of vivian WIP


Back of Vivian WIP


I’m in love with this sweater. So far it’s been my absolute favorite project. I bought a bunch of new patterns from Ysolda Teague that I can’t wait to knit as well. She just came out with the Vine Yoke sweater which is beautiful and very interesting because it’s knit up sideways. She put together a package called “Whimsical Little Knits 2” that are quick to knit and gorgeous – and whimsical of course. They will make beautiful Christmas presents!!

long cuff of vivian

The sleeves are extra long with room for the palm of the hand.

I also bought a very cute little print that I found on Etsy because I couldn’t help it. Check out Laura Gregg’s work. I ordered the Knitting Nerd. It’s a purple, girl bat, knitting… what more could I want.

I just might have to change my Ravelry name to something like Knitting Nerd… maybe I’ll steal an idea from my friend Marisa (QuiltOkatu) and call myself KnitOkatu (I’m probably spelling that wrong)! HAHA. Ok, I wouldn’t really do that… but, maybe nerd in another language. How do you say nerd in Italian?

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