Month: August 2009

Knitting Therapy

My 15 year old cat had to be put down on Friday. I loved him dearly as he was a constant in my life for so long. But, it was his time. I’ve used knitting as my therapy. I’m finished with the second blue lacey sock… just need to stitch up the toe and sew in the loose yarn at the top

I also sewed a little pouch liner for the watch bag that I’m making for Paul.

And I’m diving into the Vivian by Ysolda Teague. I got my yarn from knitpicks on Friday. I’m not that thrilled with the yarn. It was pretty cheap and it feels it. But, it does have a nice shine to it and it was affordable. I made a ton of rookie mistakes right up front, but after some major surgery I have it corrected and I am finally comfortable with fixing stitches within the pattern without having to rip back to where those stitches are! I did about 4 rows the wrong way… It was meant to be seed stitched but I did rib… so one by one, I dropped the stitch down to the cast on row and re-looped it alternating front ant back to make the seed stitch. And it worked out 🙂 I also had forgotten to do the cable row and realized it later, so when I was doing the next row, I just stopped where the cable was supposed to go and dropped those stitches and reworked them and voila! cabled stitches appeared!! AWESOME! I think I leveled 🙂