Blocking Playdate Hoodie

Sorry for the horrendous photo… it’s late and there’s no pretty way to show off blocking. At least not with my kitchen table/thomas the train towel set up. Gosh it looks like the photo is even fish eyed a bit, but enough obsessing over the crappy photo. What is this? A photo blog? No. It’s about knitting, so here goes… this is my first attempt at blocking! So far so good, at least I hope. Tomorrow will tell (or when ever it is fully dry).

Here’s a good video on blocking. I finished the last side panel tonight, and went to do the sleeves and realized that I should block it before attempting to pick up stitches from each of the panels. I’m a little concerned about the shape because I don’t have a place to pin it down properly. I have a fan on it to help it dry out faster, but hopefully it doesn’t move a whole heck of a lot as it dries.

I’ll have to work on one of my several other projects in flight while this is drying. I have one zillion projects going in various states of completion. I’m beginning to wonder if I have ADHD or something. Seriously, is this normal? I eventually do finish my projects, but I would probably finish things a lot faster if I just focused on one or two at at time… oh well, I’ll add that to next years resolutions or something.

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