Real Men Knit

So, I’ve been very quite on here because of my camera being broken… but I have been making a lot of progress. I’m just about ready to do the toe of the blue lacey socks I’m working on and the dark cable socks I’m working on. I also picked up my super secret present for my sister-in-law and decided that I don’t need to pull it out and start over after all! Can’t wait to make more progress on that.

I’m continually impressed with how many knitters are technosavy. There are a ton of really valuable videos on youtube that I use often when I need to learn something new, here are some of my favs:

  1. The Knit Witch – she has great up close videos and clear explanations on just about everything, including the beautiful twisted German cast on that I love for socks. Excellent for any beginner wanting to learn different stitches.
  2. Knitting Tips by Judy – she has a lot of different techniques and patterns. I discovered her when I wanted to learn how to do a picot hem. Thanks Judy!
  3. Paula J Ward – she does a lot of videos on how to design! Since my ultimate dream is to be good enough to design my own patterns, these are fabulous! I can’t find anyone else doing videos on how to design, so thanks much Paula!!

And some just for fun:

  1. When Knitting Becomes an Addiction – an animated film about a woman who’s whole world is knitting and takes her to the very edge of sanity
  2. Real Men Knit – a great documentary-style trailer on real men who knit!

I met one man who knits before – he worked in the Campbell yarn shop – way to go guy! And low and behold, my dad said that he used to knit when he was young! I knew it must have been in the family. Real men DO knit 😉

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