Just Monkeying Around

I have been unlucky in my knitting adventures lately. I jumped into lace and cable projects that require way too much attention than is allowed for any mother with children under the age of 5. More on that later when it’s finished and given to the birthday girl.
In the meantime, Chris and I found a bag of felt that I had purchased a few months ago when I got the wild idea to make us some puppets to play with. The Land of Nod has the cutest kid stuff at outrageous prices, so I decided to try to make the puppets that I saw in their catalogue. Mine turned out not nearly as cute, but what can I say? It’s my first sewing project… ever, and Chris seems to like it just fine!
I had to break out the sewing machine manual and figure out how to wind the thread onto a bobbin and that I actually need to lower the foot plate (is that what it’s even called?) completely otherwise I will create quite a mess of knotted thread. It was definitely a learning experience. I don’t think I’ll be venturing down the sewing path on a regular basis, but I have to admit, it was fun and I have enough felt left to make the puppy.
This three day weekend is over (sigh) – back to the real world too soon. Thanks so much Paul, for the awesome picture 🙂

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