Baby Booties Coming Right Up!

These booties are coming along very quickly. The pattern is available for free from They are relatively simple, but I learned a few new stitches:
  1. Make: Basically you add a backwards loop and “make” a new stitch. This helped shape the toe to give that rounded appearance. Thank you for the excellent video!
  2. Cable Cast On: This allowed me to make the strap by casting on using only one piece of yarn. It was tricky to figure out. I kept trying to do it on the wrong side of the needle, after I figured that out, it went pretty smoothly. I ended up using a crochet hook as noted on the side of the website which made the cast on much easier.
  3. Joining Yarn: I haven’t had a lot of practice joining yarn, but again, came to the rescue.

Now to find some really cute little buttons…. any suggestions?

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