Toddler Socks Complete!

Tada! My toddler socks are complete… well, I guess I should rename them to baby socks since I made them so short. Hopefully little Daxy-poo will get some good use out of them. Although I have to warn his mommy that they are super slippery when on hardwood.

I’m psyched at how well the stripes match up. I took a mental note of where I started with the first sock, and tried to start in the same place. I never expected them to be an exact match right down to the toe! Oh yeah – I’m a pro 😉 (except for the holes near the gusset, and the extra ribbing, and the list could go on…)

I used Picnik to edit the photo which turned out pretty cool. Check it out if you want an easy online photo editing tool.

What’s next? Well, I’m trying to plug away on the super secret project for my sister-in-law, however it requires my full concentration. That kind of time is severly limited these days, so it’s slow going. I’m gonna fill in the rest of my knitting time with the baby booties to match the baby hat for my BFFs sisters little one who is due at the end of June.

2 thoughts on “Toddler Socks Complete!

  1. Nice babe! where is my knitted thing though ? 🙂

    hahahaha…look this is awesome. i like them alot. i want a knitted watch case 🙂 You need to let me shoot for you moving forward…these look washed out.


  2. These are PERFECT! I’m your biggest fan! Now I’ll have to make a quilt for your little one. My knitting skills are superPathetic. Merci! Gracias! Danke!


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