Ruffle is done – ready to decrease

This newborn baby girl ruffle hat is coming along nicely. The ruffle is finished and I’ve sockitnette stitched about 3.5″. I’m ready to begin decreasing. The ruffle wasn’t nearly as complicated as I thought it would be. It’s just two rounds of knit two together (k2tog). Knitwtich has a very clear video demonstrating k2tog in addition to just about any stitch you would want to learn.

When casting this on, I thought I had miscalculated for sure. I used 288 stitches! But, after the first row of k2tog the number of stitches was halved and then halved again on the second row to a much more manageable 72 stitches. Good thing I powered through it even though I had my doubts and recalculated the number at least 3 times, just to make sure.

My current dilemma is what yarn and color to use for the crochet flower. Right now I am going back and forth between a neutral medium brown, or a creamy soft white ivory. There is a subtle variation in the pink color where it fades to very pale pink, it almost turns ivory, which is why I’m drawn to that. But, I also think it would be very sophisticated for little one to have the chic brown and pink color palette. Some times I also think a little pop of green would look nice too. I don’t have any cashmere yarn left either (boo hoo), so I’ll have to make due with what I have. I’m sure I’ll be making several flowers to test them out… maybe that can be a feature… pin on your own bow šŸ˜‰

Oh decisions, decisions… what color for the flower detail? Brown, Ivory, Green, Black – help!

Fun Fact #3: The average sheep yields its entire coat in one piece with very little protest. And there are about 8 to 10 lbs of wool that comes off each sheep. A good shearer can shear from 175 yo 200 sheep in one day and the method has not advanced with technology. That’s nearly 1 ton on average!

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