What’s next?

I went ahead and scrapped my toddler socks for now. I definitely need a longer circular needle than I have. So, rather than start a new project, I’m working on an old scarf that I started over a year ago. I’m so bummed though! I only bought 2 skeins of yarn because they were kind of expensive at $12.50 each, but this scarf takes 4 skeins. I received the two additional skeins needed, and the die lots are obviously way different since it’s been a year later. The bigger yarn ball in the back of this picture is the new one… and it is much darker and greener than the original bright orange (in the front). To attempt to hide this color difference, I switched the yarn balls, and will use the remains of the bright original color to finish the last 25% of the scarf. At least the ends will match… and, like the socks, this one is for me because I figured it would have lots of mistakes considering it is my first knitted scarf!

This weekend I’m working on a non-knitting mothers day project. It’s silhouette pendants of my son for the grandmas. I’m making myself a key chain too 🙂 Should be fun, I’m lucky to have a very crafty friend (check out her blog at Quilt Otaku) that comes up with cool ideas like this – or I should say the Grandmas are lucky because this looks like it will turn out very cool!!

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