Gusset Done!

I’m not going to finish this sock by tuesday, but I made some really good progess. I’m now on the tedious part of knitting the knit stitch over and over again until I reach 7 inches. Hopefully I can avoid laddering this time.

I ran across this beautiful lace scarf that claims to be easy and made up of all of the same stitches that I’ve used in these purple striped socks so far. It’s called the Checkerboard Lace Scarf and is available at Purl Bee’s Blog. Perfect for my first attempt at lace. I’m adding it to the next-on-my-list of projects – after the toddler socks of course. Christopher, my darling son, has been wearing around my one purple striped sock and was very excited when I told him I was making him a pair of his very own socks next. I will miss him so much on my trip to NC!!

I just checked to see if I will be able to bring my circular knitting needles on the flight and it’s really going to be up to the security officer checking me in. The Transportation Security Administration recommends that circular needles be bamboo or plastic (not metal like mine) and no longer than 31″. I’ll have to bring a self addressed envelope just in case!!

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