Heel flap done and turned!! I’m a knitting machine!

That’s right folks, I knitted the heel flap and turned it in one night. I have no life. It was Friday night for goodness sake. Technically I watched Twilight at the same time, but watching a movie and knitting is more like listening to a movie and not watching it at all.
Anyhow, I am so proud of the heel colors lining up nearly perfect. That was a sheer (no pun intended) accident. I had fully intended to check the beginning yarn and start at as close to the color I started with on the first sock (that’s important if you are using striped thread and want to stripes to match the other sock) – but I completely forgot to do that. Luckily it turned out damn near close. I don’t think I could have planned that if I tried. I’ll have to call these my lucky purple striped socks from now on. All those mistakes in the first one really did pay off!!
Maybe I’ll get a chance to start the gusset while my 2yr old is sleeping. I am really trying to finish this by Tuesday, and if I do, I will be seriously amazed with myself.
Fun Fact #3: Wool fibers have scales on the outside called serrations, they may overlap at the edges or entirely encircle the fiber. They cause the felting quality in wool which doesn’t exist in any other fabric.

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