Heel is turned & Gusset is taking shape

purple socks 012
Originally uploaded by SharonTroia

I am thoroughly entertained with this yarn. The stripes are very fun to work with and change their thickness with each different knit pattern. I’ve successfully turned the heel and began working on the gusset.

Since my last post, I discovered that I have been doing the knit stitch the wrong way this entire time. I know, it’s completely nuts! I wasn’t doing it wrong enough to tell the difference, but basically I was inserting my needle in the back instead of in the front… so that’s why it didn’t matter which way I slipped my stitch. You can kind of tell if you look closely at the first couple of rows on the gusset part of the sock. The v’s are slightly twisted. I learned the right way to do it a few rows in and you can see that the the v’s are nice and flat. And it turns out that knitting the right way is a lot easier and faster 😛

The destiny of these socks has been fulfilled… I now know the proper way to knit a stitch. The curse has been lifted! (at least that’s what I’m telling myslef – we shall see!)

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