Heel Flap…. Check

Ok, I completed the heel flap last night… phew! Slip 1, Knit 1, repeat (right side) and Slip 1, purl the rest (wrong side). It looks really cool. I actually like the way this turned out better than the striped ribbing on the tube. By the way, the curse of the purple socks reared its ugly head for his portion of the project… I dropped a stitch and made several other mistakes along the way, but every mistake is a learning opportunity right? I’m finding comfort in one of the posts on ravelry about mistakes being good luck… and if there were no mistakes it would look machine made. Trust me, this sock DEFINITELY looks home made and is probably increadibly lucky by now 😉
Here’s a question that maybe Quilt Otaku or some of her knitting buddies can help me figure out… why is it so important to which way you slip a stitch? I’m following Silver’s Sock Class and she spells it out in capitol letters to slip AS IF TO PURL. Why does it matter? Doesn’t it slip the same either way you do it? I find it easier to slip as if to purl, but does it really make a difference on the stitch? I don’t see that it does, which leads me to wonder if I’m doing it wrong.

4 thoughts on “Heel Flap…. Check

  1. trust me, if I knew that much about knitting, I’d be writing a knitting blog! You’re made of tougher stuff than me my dear! Let’s see if we can’t get a few answers for you…..xoxoxo LOVE your blog!


  2. If you slip as if to knit, you are changing the mount of the stitch by twisting it and this tightens the stitch. This is a sometimes advantageous technique, especially at the edge of a heel flap, but then it also makes it a bit difficult to pick those stitches back up. There you have it!


  3. Thanks Paula (and Marisa for the assist)!! I must be doing something wong, because which ever way I slip, it seems to go to the other needle the same way… I’ll have to scour youtube for some videos.


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