My cursed socks

I hate to say it, but I think my stripped socks are cursed. I’ve had to cast on several different times, completely unravel several different times and just when I thought I was making good progress (had an inch or so done) I realized I was making a fundamental mistake in my pattern. I pulled everything out last night and completely restarted only to get a few rows in and realize that I had yet another huge mistake. Rather than pull it out and start over, I made a sloppy work around and kept going. These are my first socks and they are for me, for the very fact that they will most likely contain many mistakes. Now that I moved past that major error, the sock is actually starting to look like a real sock! I’m excited!! Now, I’m just crossing my fingers that I won’t find another fundamental mistake and have to pull the whole thing out again half way through.

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